Irish green 66-911

My Irish Green 66-911.

One of my favorite cars.
Appearing in the upcoming
"URBAN OUTLAW" documentary film.


  1. This car was my favorite from the film. You have a very awesome collection.

  2. Dont see how this is "Irish" green but trust an Englishman to cock up anything to do with Ireland just like you have for the past 800 years...beautiful 911 though :)

  3. Previous comment is on the mark."British racing green" or RAL 6005 would be an accurate description. It was used as the colour of a British racing team in the 1902 Gorden Bennett Cup held in Ireland (as racing was outlawed in Britain) out of respect for the host nation. Hence the British racing green with the Irish connection - Emerald Green/Emerald Isle?shamrock etc.. I am sure Graham Hill raced a British racing green Lotus in the 1960's or at least I had a Corgi/Matchbox replica! So in my opinion the colour choice is perfect for the vintage and class of car. Feargael, Dublin

  4. Irish green was an official Porsche colour (I've provided a simple link below). A quick google search will always stop you from offending an entire nation.


    Matt, Glasgow

  5. Wow... this is a fun site to peruse.

    I'm just a random fella wandering in here...

    Thanks for sharing your collection, garage and passion for Porsches with the rest of us.

    I like all of the tinkering and 'in progress' work photos.

    Take care,