Friday, August 31, 2012


Having been in the garment buisness for almost 25 years with our SERIOUS clothing brand.....

it only seemed natural to launch a small clothing line to go 

with my upcoming URBAN OUTLAW documentary film ...

coming soon-approx mid october will be a limited run of 

T Shirts featuring my own personal cars along with ball caps ,

key fobs & stickers....


here is a "not yet finished " sneak peak of a new logo...

stay tunned....


  1. Wouldn't change it, looks great. Something along the lines of Great Britain meets Captain America, who sports Converse All Stars.

  2. Very nice. If you could integrate some Porsche elements in it I think it will look even better.

    1. I would guess,Magnus doesn't want to tarnish his friendship with Porsche,companies can quickly become your worst enemy when you infringe on there territory.We see as something really cool,they see it as,your trying making money off our brand.

  3. congratulation for your interview at swiss news paper blick

  4. Nice logo maybe need to be litter more creative to some how show the passion for Porsche
    Fun as this logo remain me of one other of TAG Heure and this mean not to fare from Porsche racing like you know this is the watch you can see at Le Mans move with Steve McQueen and Porsche 917

  5. Make the 'O' in Outlaw the star. That's it!